"Tell me and I will forget; teach me and I will remember; involve me and I will learn" - T. Roosevelt

Nursery and PreschoolLooking In

Sweet Relief is a private, home-based program with a Nursery and Preschool curriculum. We are designed to meet the needs of children as early as 20 months and continue until the ages of 4-5: a two to four-year program. We require a 2-class minimum for your child’s first year and recommend a 3-class minimum for the second year. We have 20 years of experience and a ratio of 10 children to 2 teachers (or 5 to 1).

Sweet Relief adheres to the Guidelines for Preschool Learning Experiences created by the Early Childhood Advisory Council to the Massachusetts Board of Education. It is based on the standards set for the Massachusetts Curriculum Frameworks.

All of our educators meet or exceed professional standards. We are current with the Massachusetts Department of Early Education and Care (EEC) Requirements and Guidelines including CPR and First Aid. Most importantly, our instructors also continue with ongoing professional training and education.

Our impeccably maintained 5-year old classroom is located in a quiet and safe neighborhood environment.
The Toddler Program is offered 5 mornings a week from 8:30-12.
The Nursery Program is offered 5 afternoons a week from 12-3:30.
The Enrichment Classes - Monday/Wednesday/Friday afternoons are incorporated into your child's class. NO transitions involved- no change of classrooms or classmates!.

(For more information on our Enrichment Classes, please refer to our Programs section).

Once your child is enrolled, you and your child become part of the Sweet Relief family. Our Director is available to you at any time. We are intentionally home-based and can offer you services relative to our exclusivity.

Your child will benefit from our extended availabilities. Unlike other local Nursery and Preschools, each of our classes is an hour longer! Offering this extra hour assists in your child's development in all learning domains.

We are also open 30-33 more days per academic year than the local Nursery and Preschools. We begin early in September without "staggered" days and continue through the end of June: 10 full months! There are no closed professional and/or conference days.

Your child’s bi-yearly assessments occur in the winter and again at the end of the academic year. Telephone conferences are available throughout the year. In 2011, our assessments were the first in the area to meet the new State Guidelines.

With the exception of the Enrichment Series for the Nursery Program, should you enroll, tuition is one flat rate and can be divided into a choice of payment options. There will never be fundraisers- neither silent auctions nor “buy a brick “programs.